500 francs New Hebrides Type 1943


Pick: #3A , The Banknote Book: B304 , Other: #KM709

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New Hebrides. French National Administration of the New Hebrides. 1943 Emergency Issues. No date. Dimensions: 154 x 69 mm. Watermark: no. Printer: unknown. Full-color front and back printing, predominantly green, blue and black. Description of the front: frame composed of lines and curves in repetition. Safety background with the text "NOUVELLESHEBRIDES" repeated continuously. In the center at the top edge, the Lorraine cross. Below, the value “500 Frs” is framed by two large palm branches and printed in yellow. All other texts are printed in dark green. The numbering is printed in yellow twice at the bottom. Two combinations of signatures with The French Resident Commissioner and The Accountant Cashier are printed in purple or black and are often illegible. Description of the back: identical security frame and background on the front. The letters "N. H." are printed in a cartridge in the center at the top border. Below, an empty oval shape with a green background. The value "500" is printed in the background on the left and the word "Francs" on the right. No specimen known for the Type. 1,250 issued notes. Very rare.

Banknotes :French National Administration of the New Hebrides (1943)

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