500 francs Pointe à Pitre Type 1946 Martinique


Pick: #32 , The Banknote Book: B410 , Other: #K339

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Bank of Martinique. No date (1946). Issued note in 1946. Work of Clément Serveau. Dimensions: 180 x 96 mm. Watermark with a woman's head wearing a phrygian cap. 2,386,947 issued notes. Front and back: multicolored printing. Front: The word "MARTINIQUE" repeated four times and the value "500" are printed in dark blue. Numbering and signature printed in black. On the right, a Martinican woman and a Guadeloupian woman pose in front of the port of Point-à-Pitre. One signature: The Director General: A. Postel-Vinay. Back: ox carts carrying sugar cane. At the bottom, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in a yellow cartridge. The word "MARTINIQUE" repeated five times and the value "500" are printed in dark blue. Specimen of the issued note signed and numbered O.00 - 00000 with "SPECIMEN" diagonally perforated in the center of the note and sometimes four vertical wet black stamps at the four corners of the note. Simultaneous proofs front and back unsigned and unnumbered. Number range of issued notes: 3,300,001 to 4,400,000, 16,200.001 to 16,700,000, 17,233,001 to 17,267,000, 17,271,001 to 18,100,000. Banknotes found: Q2-75349, N7-55307, P7-64956, P7-79579, Q7-23891, Q7-68046, R7-08984, Y7-61426, Z7-10633. The photo note also illustrates the Dr. Kolsky's book: "The D.O.M-T.O.M Banknotes", published in 2006, 280 pages.

Banknotes :Caisse Centrale de la France d'Outre-Mer Martinique (1946-1955)

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