500 francs Type 1942 small (US)

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Bank of Guadeloupe. No date (1942). First issue in 1945-1946. Dimensions: 152 x 85 mm. No watermark. American printer: E.A. Wright, Philadelphia. Front: black and white frame consisting of guilloche lines with the value "500" in white and repeated in the upper corners. Print of a security background in red rose "Bank of Guadeloupe" repeated continuously. On the left, the sailing ship "Santa Maria" of Christopher Columbus. One type of signatures with The Director, The Cashier and A Censor. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in black on a line at the bottom of the note. Back: brown print with a security background in green "Bank of Guadeloupe" repeated continuously. In a medallion in the center, a seaplane is landing with the value "500" in black repeated on each side. Several specimens are known unsigned, numbered A1 - 000 and overprinted three times "SPECIMEN" in red and oblique on the signatures. Another specimen on banknotes of the alphabet W2-824 and W2-825 overprinted with four blue stamps in the corners and with the letter A in perforation. Banknote very rare. Copies seen: W1-494, E2-289, S2-188, X2-494. Banknote withdrawn from circulation in September 1958.

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PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#25a1945RRRRfrom A.1 toZ.2None
#25s1942RRRRSpécimen rouge en diagonale. A.1 - 000 et non signé.
#25s1942RRRRSpécimen sur billet W2-824 et 825 avec lettre A perforée.

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