500 francs Type 1957 Belgian Congo


Pick: #34 , The Banknote Book: B314

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Belgian Congo. Central Bank of Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Burundi. 1952-1960 Issues. Dimensions: 172 x 92 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: lion head. Printer: Thomas de La Rue and Cie Limited, London (TDLR). Solid Security thread. Front and back printing mainly purple-brown, pink, yellow and green. Texts in French. Description of the front: frame composed of guilloche shapes in repetition with the monogram of the bank "CCB" at the top left. The value “500 FRANCS” is printed in the lower right corner. On the upper border, the issuing institute "CENTRAL BANK OF BELGIAN CONGO AND RWANDA-BURUNDI", then the value "FIVE HUNDRED FRANCS", the words "PAYABLE BY SIGHT" and the signatures printed in black. Below, a view of the industrial port of Matadi with boats and a freight train at the platform. The series and banknote number are printed four times in black. On the left, a pink Congolese star inside a green rosette. Bottom center, the date of issue printed in black, the article of the penal code printed on a line in the frame and the name of the printer. A single combination of signatures with A Officer Firmin Peigneux and The Governor Hector Martin. Description of the back: texts in Dutch. Frame composed of geometric patterns and guilloche shapes with the value “500” printed on a Congolese star in the upper right corner. On the right, the watermark and the value in Dutch printed on a red-orange Congolese star. In the center, a man in his pirogue filled with local products sails along a river. The signatures on the front are shown in black. Several types of specimens: see the "Variants" section.

Banknotes :Central Bank of Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Burundi (1952-1960)

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