500 francs Type 1957

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Switzerland. Swiss National Bank (Schweizerische Nationalbank). Fifth issue (1954-1977). The banknote is dated 31-07-1956 but its entry into circulation begins from 14-06-1957. Permanently removed from circulation on 01-05-1980. Work of Pierre Gauchat. Printer: Waterlow & Sons Ltd., London. Dimensions: 210 x 115 mm. No watermark. Security thread incorporated in the paper and visible by transparency. Front and back: print in red-brown and olive green. Front: Red and blue gradient background consisting of graphic shapes and wavy lines. The numbering, the alphabet, the place, the date of issue and the signatures are printed in black. The SNB texts and the value in letters are printed in red-brown and in three languages: French, German and Italian. The value "500" is printed in three corners of the vignette and very large in the center in olive green. The value is repeated five times smaller on the right margin of the note. On the right side, in a vertical rectangle, a portrait of a woman wearing a hood and holding a mirror in her hand. Below, in another rectangle on brown cobweb background, the Swiss cross in white and the value in figures. Three issue dates and three signature variants with The Cashier, The President of the Bank Council and The Director. Back: the value "500" is repeated five times smaller on the left margin of the note. In a vertical rectangle with a brown and blue gradient background composed of small flowers, Swiss crosses and wavy lines, we find the value in olive green in very large numbers and bent at 90 °, as well as the names of the SNB in ​​three languages ​​and in brown. On three quarters of the vignette, a representation of the "Fountain of Youth", symbol of purification and regeneration in a scene transforming old women into young ladies. 44862 banknotes have not been returned (Pick: # 50 and # 51). Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B335.

Signatures variants:
Signatures #34 : Otto Kunz / Alfred Müller / Walter Schwegler.
Signatures #37 : Otto Kunz / Alfred Müller / Riccardo Motta.
Signatures #38 : Otto Kunz / Alfred Müller / Max Iklé

3 variants#50 - 500 francs Type 1957

PickDateRarityAlphabetNumizon comments
#50a31-01-1957RRRRSign. #34, #37, #38. Série : 1A-1M. Impr. W&S.
#50b04-10-1957RRRRSign. #34, #37, #38. Série : 1N-1Z. Impr. W&S.
#50c18-12-1958RRRRSign. #34, #37, #38. Série : 2A-2D. Impr. W&S.

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