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About :#25 - 500 francs Winged Victory Type 1946

Tunisia. French administration. Bank of Algeria - Tunisia. Creation date: 11-12-1946. Date of issue: 24-12-1948. Work by Robert Pougheon and engraving by Hourriez for the front and by Armanelli for the back. Dimensions: 159 x 82 mm. No security thread. Watermark: Moorish profile. Printer: Banque de France. Front and back: polychrome print, predominantly yellow, green and brown. Description of the front: texts in French. Background consisting of ruined columns and a Roman stone archway. In the foreground in the center, a winged head of Victory after a Greek bronze. The wording of the issuing institute "BANK OF ALGERIA - TUNISIA" is printed on the walls of the arch. The numbering, signatures and date of issue are printed in black. The value in figures is repeated at the bottom of the drawing on the sides. Only one type of signature is known with Couquet, The General Cashier and Delahaye, The General Secretary. Description of the back: reproduction of an ancient mosaic of Dougga with three cyclops at work (Brontes, Steropes and Pyracmon) in the forges of Jupiter. The specimen is known as overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red diagonally on the front and back on the watermark. The note is signed Couquet / Delahaye, dated "00-00-0000" and numbered "O.000 - 000". Banknote issued only for Tunisia.

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria and Tunisia (1946-1958)

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#25 - 500 francs Winged Victory Type 1946