500 lire Type 1919-1926


Pick: #45 , The Banknote Book: B408

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Italy. Banca d'Italia. 1915-1926 Issues. Work by Giovanni Capranesi. Dimensions: 201 x 117 mm. Watermark: head of Leonardo da Vinci wearing a cap. Printer: Officina Banca d'Italia di Roma. No security thread. Material: paper. Full color front and back print, predominantly blue, green and red. Description of the front: security background in pink with the value “500” in large numbers. Frame composed of repeating floral patterns. The watermark on the left in a circle. On the right, a bare-breasted woman symbolizing Agriculture sits and holds in hand a sheaf of wheat and a scythe. Bottom center, a red seal with Italia's profile head. Texts in Italian. The numbering and signatures are printed in black. Two signatures with The Managing Director, Bonaldo Stringher and Le Caissier, Sacchi. Description of the back: frame composed of repeating graphic patterns with four scallops and the value "500" in the corners. In the center, in a crown of leaves, statue of the Bank of Italy with three male allegories of Law, Finance and Economics. Bottom center, a seal with the mention in red DECRETO / MINISTERIALE / DEL 30 LUGLIO / 1896. On the sides, two circular medallions with on the left, the coat of arms of the House of Savoy and the watermark on the right. No specimen known for Type.

Banknotes :Bank of Italy (1896-1930)

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