5000 francs Comoros Type 1960


Pick: #6 , The Banknote Book: B105 , Other: #K911/#K912/#K913

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Comoros. Bank of Madagascar and the Comoros, provisional issue of 1960. Work by Clément Serveau and engraving by Munier and Marliat for the front and Baudier for the back. Dimensions: 171 x 110 mm. No security thread. Watermark: woman's head. Printer: Bank of France. Front and back: multicolored print, mainly yellow and brown. Description of the front: In the center, a group of farmers work in a rice field. On the left, a medallion with the portrait of the French soldier and colonial administrator Joseph Simon Galliéni (1849-1916) and on the right a second medallion with the portrait of a young Bara with plaits. The texts are in French. The front is overprinted "COMOROS" in red horizontally. The wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE MADAGASCAR ET DES COMORES", the value in letters and numbers, the signatures and the numbering are printed in black. Three variants of signatures are known to the Director General and the Comptroller General. Description of the back: texts in French. Palm trees and huts in the northwest of the coast of Madagascar and in the foreground a Sakalava woman with plaits and her baby. Article 139 of the penal code is printed in the top center on five lines in a yellow frame. The specimen is known to be perforated "SPECIMEN" horizontally, dated "00-00-0000", numbered "O.00 - 000000000" and signed Robert Dupont / Maurice Gonon or André Dejouany / Maurice Gonon.

Banknotes :Provisional Issues (1960)

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