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About :#48 - 5000 francs Schoelcher Type 1946

Bank of Reunion. No date (1946). First issue in 1952. Work of Robert Poughéon. Dimensions: 201 x 109 mm. Watermark with a woman's head wearing a Phrygian cap. 271,839 issued notes. Front and back: multicolored printing. Front: The word "REUNION" repeated twice in the margin and the value "5000" are printed in brown. The numbering and the signature are printed in black. Vigorous bust of Victor Schoelcher, journalist and french politician posing in front of a landscape of sea and mountain. In his hand, the parchment of the abolition of slavery in the French colonies. One signature: The Director General: A. Postel-Vinay. Back: Group of characters busy picking fruit. Below, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in a gray cartridge. Specimen of the issued note numbered O.00 - 000 with "SPECIMEN" diagonally perforated and two damp black pads in the upper corners. Proof known front and back without watermark and numbered O.00 - 000. Number range of issued notes: 690.001 to 760.000 - 1.536.001 to 1.750.000 - 1.783.001 to 1.791.000. Banknote quite rare, some copies seen: J.63-668, Q.64-771, H.65-990, A.66-362; E.68-075, L.68-841, H.69-337. The photo note also illustrates the Dr. Kolsky's book: "The D.O.M-T.O.M Banknotes", published in 2006, 280 pages. In October 1985, there were only 3206 banknotes in circulation!

Banknotes :Caisse Centrale de la France d'Outre-Mer (1946-1955)

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#48 - 5000 francs Schoelcher Type 1946