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About :#5 - 5000 francs Type 1940 FEA

Government General of French Equatorial Africa. Issue from 25-10-1940 to 20-12-1940. The voucher is not dated. Banknotes issued: 3000 copies. Dimensions: 217 x 140 mm. Printer: Official Printing Office of the Government General of the A.E.F. in Brazzaville. Paper: "Lafuma" in cream color. Watermark: Lafuma paper mills. Front: the composition is quite simple with the text "GOVERNMENT GENERAL OF FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA" at the top. All the texts are in black except the values "5000" and in letters "BON OF CINQ MILLE FRANCS" printed in red. In the center, a photo of a native dancer named "Sarah", printed in light green monochrome. Absence of the dry stamp to the Republic authenticating the voucher. Only one signature: The Governor General, Gal de Larminat. The value "5000" is positioned at the bottom of the photo. In the center in the image, the mention: "This voucher certificate will be received for its nominal value by all the public and private funds of the F.E.A. as well as banknotes from West Africa ". On the left, the stump of the note is cut vertically on the text "FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA". All the backs of these vouchers certificates are identical and include a table of 20 boxes intended to serve as "control framework". These coupons must be endorsed, a date of issue is affixed with a wet stamp. Only, it is not certain that it was a periodic or punctual expense. The two vouchers of 5,000 known francs are overprinted "Specimen" obliquely on the front. On the back, a wet stamp with a date of issue: "Treasury of the AEF - Brazzaville - October 25, 1940 - seen good to pay". These coupons were withdrawn from circulation in the course of the year 1943 to be replaced by the notes of Free France. Only one specimen is known for this 5000 francs "Sarah" in series "A", N ° 099918 with a heel on the left. The other two copies N ° 99933 and N ° 99934 do not include the Republic stamp and the heel on the left. This last voucher was sold for $ 1,700 during the sale of the Georges Thomas Collection in May 1980 in New York (lot # 1429). No issued note has yet been found in 40 years! Other Reference: TBB (The Banknote Book): B106, Schwan-Boling: 1163.

Banknotes :Government General of French Equatorial Africa (1940)

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#5 - 5000 francs Type 1940 FEA