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Algeria. French administration. Bank of Algeria. Front and back identical to 500 francs Type 1926. Creation date: 02-01-1942. Issue date: 26-10-1943. Work by Georges Duval and engraving by Emile Deloche. Dimensions: 235 x 137 mm. Watermark: profile of a Moorish woman in the first medallion on the left. In another medallion on the right: Watermark with a rosette. Front and back: polychrome print predominantly purple. Description of the front: on the left under the watermark, a portrait of a young Algerian woman (identical to the portrait of the 5 francs Type 1924). In the center at the top, the wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE", the value "CINQ MILLE FRANCS" and the date of issue are printed in dark blue. The signatures, numbering and date of issue are printed in black. In the middle, a distant view of the bay and the city of Algiers. Below, in a decorated medallion, the value "5000" printed in dark blue. On the right, an allegory of France which illuminates Algeria, represented by a woman brandishing a torch and holding in the other hand an unrolled parchment containing article 139 of the Penal Code. A naked young man sits next to it. Only one type of signature is known with Escallier, The Director General, Sebald, The Caissier Principal and De Roux, The Secretary General. Description of the back: an imposing frame decorated with arabesques with a landscape of the Algerian countryside and its mountain range in the background. In the center, two young women. The first sits and paints a pattern on a jar and the second, standing, carries one of these jars on her head. Below, the value "5000" is repeated twice in red. Bottom center in an orange frame, article 139 of the Penal Code is written in Arabic. The specimen is known as overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red oblique on the left watermark. The note is watermarked, signed Sebald / Escallier / De Roux. The date and numbers are crossed out with a black line printed. Known copy: F.31-794. A second identical specimen but overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red oblique on the front and back. Known copies: "W.82-010" and "W.82-117" and dated "9-4-1942".

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#90a26-10-1943RDu 08-01 au 25-08-1942. Date sans lettres. Séries : 6 à 194.
#90s06-02-1942RRRSpecimen overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red horizontaly..
#90s09-04-1942RRRSpecimen overprinted "SPECIMEN" in red obliquely.

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