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About :#3 - 54 francs Type 1890

Bank of Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon Islands. First Type. Dated May 1, 1890 on the back. Unknown artist. Date of creation: April 11, 1895. Dimensions: 197 x 83 mm. Banknote without watermark. Printed in green on a white paper on the back and in dark blue on the front on a yellow paper. Front: The value "54" is repeated in the corners of the banknote. Two women are sitting and turning their backs. The woman on the left looks at a medallion in which a coder is navigating and the woman on the right is looking at a medallion in which is a cod. Above, in the center, the words "BANQUE" and at the bottom "DES ILES / ST. PIERRE / & MIQUELON ». In the middle, "ANONYMOUS / CAPITAL COMPANY OF 500,000 francs. ". The numbering is affixed to the composter at the bottom left. Two red "54" overprints and several cancellation buffers. Back: Three-line box with the value "54" repeated in the corners of the note. The mention "BANQUE DES ISLES SAINT PIERRE & MIQUELON" on a line and below: "COMPANY ANONYMOUS CAPITAL OF 500,000 francs. And the address of the head office. Two signatures: The Managing Director: Deville and The Chairman of the Board of Directors: Guérin. No known specimen. Banknote very very rare: 2,000 banknotes issued and a single note still known, the copy "824" kept in archives by the bank. This note illustrates the numizon sheet and comes from a photograph taken by the bank's CEO, Georges Landry to Maurice Kolsky in 1979.

Banknotes :The Bank of Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon Islands (1889-1943)

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#3 - 54 francs Type 1890