5NF on 500 francs type 1953 "Victor Hugo"


Pick: #137 , Other: F.52

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France. Bank of France. 1958-2000 Issues. Banknote withdrawn from circulation on January 4, 1960. 5NF on 500 francs type 1953 “Victor Hugo” (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.52 or Pick: # 137). Work by Clément Serveau, engraving by Marliat for the front, Armanelli for the back and intaglio by Jules Piel. Dimensions: 142 x 75 mm. Printer: Bank of France. Watermark: Portrait of Victor Hugo. Front and back: polychrome printing with dominant blue and yellow. Description of the front: On the right, a frontal portrait of the French writer Victor Hugo (1802-1885) after a painting by Bonnat. On the left in the background, a view of the Pantheon where the body of the writer rests. No white area reserved for the watermark, but it is located in the center of the banknote between the Pantheon and the portrait. The numerical values ​​are printed in black in the upper corners. Signatures, alphabet, date and numbering are printed in black. Three signatures with The Comptroller General, The Cashier General and the Secretary General. This note is identical to the 500 francs type 1953 “Victor Hugo” (Ref. Fayette-Dessal: # F.35 or Pick: # 133) but it has been overprinted in red on the watermark: “CONTRE-VALEUR DE / 5 / NEW FRANCS ”. Description of the back: The portrait of the writer is printed identically to the front on the left. In the background, a view of Place des Vosges in Paris where Victor Hugo lived for many years. The value in figures is printed in dark blue in rectangles with a yellow background at the top. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed at the bottom center on seven lines in an orange cartouche. The specimen of the banknote is known only in rare copies: numbered "O.00 - 000", dated "O.00-00-0000.O. with "SPECIMEN" perforated vertically on the right and bearing the first signatures of 1958: G. G. D’Ambrières / P. J. Favre-Gilly / P. Gargam. A second identical specimen is known with an overprint numbered in black. Proofs without watermark are known to be punched "SPECIMEN" or not. A single-sided proof of the front exists, signed and numbered O.000.

Banknotes :Bank of France (1958-1959)

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