5 afghanis Type Undated


Pick: #16C , The Banknote Book: B209

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Afghanistan. Ministry of Finance. Undated Issues. Dimensions: 125 x 77 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: text in Arabic. No security thread. Printer: Orell Füssli, Zürick. Front and back printing in green and yellow. Description: texts in Arabic language. Independence monument in the center: Minar-I-Istiqlal. Decorated frame and coat of arms of King Amanullah. Back: texts in Farsi. Denomination as Arabic and Western numerals. Banknote identical to Pick-16A but with a different text in the center.

Banknotes :Ministry of Finance (-)

pick#16B 5 afghanis type non daté
pick#16C 5 afghanis type non daté
pick#17A 10 afghanis type non daté
pick#18A 20 afghanis type non daté
pick#19A 50 afghanis type non daté
pick#20A 100 afghanis type non daté
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