1,000 francs type 1875 "Blue w/o Algiers" Algeria


Pick: #76 , The Banknote Book: B122 , Other: MK42

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Algeria. French administration. Bank of Algeria. 1892-1926 Issues. Banknote identical to the 1,000 francs type 1875 “Blue with Algiers” (Pick # 20) but without the city “Algiers”. Work by H. Cabasson and engraving by J. Robert for the front and engraving by Ch. Wullschleger, Duval and Émile Deloche for the back. Dimensions: 232 x 135 mm. Watermark: BANQUE / 1000 FRANCS / de L'ALGÉRIE / 1000 and a lion walking on the right. Front: Monochrome blue and black printing on white paper. Signatures, value in letters and numbering are printed in black. The issue date is printed in blue. Composition with a frame decorated in the upper part with a garland of fruits and a winged woman's head in the center. Article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in two medallions on each side of the value in letters. On the left, an allegory of Navigation represented by a woman standing with her hands resting on an oar. On the right side, an allegory of Labor represented by a man standing with a hammer on his shoulder. Four signature variants are known with the Secretary General, the Managing Director and the Chief Cashier. Below in the decorated frame, two naked children are leaning against a lion. The value in digits is repeated twice at the top of the frame. Back: Monochrome printing in blue. At the top in the center, a crescent is represented in a decorated frame and surrounded by plants. In the center of the drawing, a beehive and bees in a medallion decorated with volutes. On the left side, Mercury the god of Commerce holds his caduceus in his hand and on the right, Hercules with his club in his hands. The two figures are standing on a pedestal whose base represents the same disturbing face. In the lower frieze, two winged dragons frame article 139 of the Penal Code printed in a blue medallion.

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria (1871-1919)

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1,000 francs type 1875 "Blue w/o Algiers"
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