Algeria 1,000 francs type 1926


Pick: #83 , The Banknote Book: B129 , Other: MK43

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Algeria. French administration. Bank of Algeria. Issue period: 1933 to 1939. Creation date: 28-06-1926. Date of issue: 20-06-1933. Work by Georges Duval and engraving by Emile Deloche. Dimensions: 241 x 144 mm. Watermark: profile of a Moorish woman in the first medallion on the left. In another medallion on the right: watermark with a European woman in profile.Front and back: polychrome print, predominantly purple. Description of the front: on the left, an allegory of France represented by a woman dressed in a breastplate, a cape and a sword. A young child at his feet is holding a shield and bunches of grapes. In the center at the top, the wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE", the value "MILLE FRANCS" and the date of issue are printed in orange-red. The signatures, numbering and date of issue are printed in black. Below, a winged woman's head and a caduceus separate the two watermarks. At the bottom, the value "1000" is printed in dark blue. On the right, an Algerian dancer in ceremonial costume and a young boy naked from the back holding palm branches. At the bottom of the note, article 139 of the Penal Code is printed in dark blue in Arabic and French. Three variants of signatures are known with The Managing Director, The Chief Cashier and The Secretary General. Description of the back: a background and a frame decorated with arabesques with a coastal town and a mountain village in the background. In the upper corners decorated with Arabic patterns, the value "1000" in French on the left and in Arabic on the right. In the center, two seated women. A European on the left holds an oar in one hand and puts her other hand on the shoulder of an elegant veiled Algerian. The specimen is known overprinted "SPÉCIMEN" in red, vertical right on the front. The banknote is watermarked, signed Moyse / Picard / Penalva, dated "00-0-0000" and numbered "0.00 - 000". A second specimen identical to the previous one is known with an additional overprint oblique on the front and back. A last specimen identical to the first is known, but dated "3-8-9126". The photo note was sold in XF+ grade at € 750 by the Comptoir des monnaies.

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria (1920-1939)

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