Algeria 10,000 francs type 1952 "Gulls"


Pick: #110 , The Banknote Book: B204 , Other: MK51

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Algeria. French administration. Bank of Algeria and Tunisia. Creation date: 31-01-1955. Work by Robert Pougheon and engraving by Piel and Armanelli for the front and Beltrand for the back. Dimensions: 225 x 115 mm. Watermark: ram's head in a diamond-shaped medallion. Front and back: polychrome print predominantly blue. Description of the front: the wording of the issuing institute changes and becomes “BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE ET DE LA TUNISIE” printed in black. The value “10000” is printed in dark blue on light blue rectangles in the upper corners. The numbering, signatures and date of issue are printed in black. In the center, a group of flying seagulls and the three signatures. Below, the value in letters is printed in dark blue in an orange and blue cartridge. On the left, a compass rose with article 139 of the Penal Code printed in an orange cartridge. In the background, a view of the Bay of Algiers and the Atlas Mountains at the time of the Portuguese and Spanish domination. Only one type of signature is known with The Secretary General, The Governor and The General Cashier. Back description: arabesque columns on the sides. In the center, a view of a dockside in the port of Algiers with local merchandises being loaded. The wording of the issuing institute "BANQUE DE L'ALGÉRIE ET DE LA TUNISIE" is written in Arabic. At the top of the note, the value “10000” is written in Arabic and repeated in the corners. The specimen is known to be perforated "SPECIMEN" vertically to the right of the watermark. The note is watermarked, signed Gandy / Watteau / Civier, dated "0-0-0000" and numbered "O.0 - 000".

Banknotes :Bank of Algeria and Tunisia (1949-1959)

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