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Aruba. Central Bank of Aruba (Banco Central di Aruba). 1986 Issues. Date: 01.01.1986. Dimensions: 155 x 66 mm. Watermark: no. Material: paper. No security thread. Printer: Johan Enschedé & Zonen (JEZ), Haarlem, Netherlands. Front and back printing in green and orange. Description of the front: national flag on the left. View of the waterfront with the two Palm Beach Aruba Sheraton and Aruba Caribbean hotels. Signature combinations with De Director and De President: Johannes H. G. Driessen / Elias Mansur. Description of the back: texts in Dutch. Decorative frame. Value of 10 florin on the left. Coat of arms in the center. Law prohibiting counterfeiting of banknotes on the right. Numbering in black. 600,000 issued notes.

Banknotes :Central Bank of Aruba (1986)

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