Belize 10 dollars type 1997


Pick: #62 , The Banknote Book: B320

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Belize. Central Bank of Belize. 1997-2002 Issues. 10 dollars type 1997. Date: Varieties. Dimensions: 140 x 70 mm. Watermark: Carved head of the "sleeping giant". Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited, London. Windowed security thread. Material: Paper. Multicolored front and back printing. Description of the front: On the right, a portrait of HRH Elizabeth II. In the upper left corner is a jade head. Below, the clock tower of the Belize City courthouse. In the center, an underwater scene with a school of fish, the Belize coat of arms and a silver fish in the lower left corner. Series and numbering printed in red and black. Texts in English. On the right is the transparent element which, when held up to the light, forms the silhouette of the clock tower of the Belize City Courthouse as it appeared circa 1910. Signature combinations with the Commissioners of Currency. Back description: View of the three historical buildings of Belize City, as they appeared around 1910. The Court House in the centre of the design was partially destroyed by fire in 1918 and the Clock Tower had to be replaced. On the right is St John’s Cathedral, the first Protestant Episcopal Church founded in Spanish America. On the left is Government House, which was the residence of governors during the Colonial period.

Banknotes :Central Bank of Belize (1997-2002)

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