2,000 francs Type 1993 Cameroon


Pick: #203E , The Banknote Book: B103E

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Cameroon. Bank of the Central African States (BEAC). 1993-2002 Issues. Dimensions: 153 x 75 mm. Material: paper. Watermark: woman's head wearing a scarf. Printer: Bank of France. Solid security thread. The banknote was put into circulation from 12-07-1993. Multicolored front and back print, mainly orange, green and yellow. Texts in French. Description of the front: in the center at the top, the words "BANK OF CENTRAL AFRICAN STATES" are printed in black on a yellow background. Below, the value in letters "TWO THOUSAND FRANCS" is printed in black. The full banknote number and value "2,000" are printed in the opposite corners. The year is indicated by the first two digits of the numbering. The letters "E" located next to the values ​​"2000" indicate the country of issue code for Cameroon. In the center, tropical fruits and on the right the portrait of a young African woman wearing a scarf. On the left, the watermark and a stylized map of the countries of Central Africa. Four combinations of signatures printed in black with The Governor and A Auditor. Description of the back: in the center at the top, the label of the issuing institution "BANK OF CENTRAL AFRICAN STATES" is printed in black. In the center, a scene of passengers and merchandise boarding on a ship. The value "2,000" is printed in brown in the upper corners. On the right, the watermark and the value in letters "TWO THOUSAND FRANCS" below printed in brown. Below in the left corner, the article of the penal code is printed in a yellow cartridge. No specimen known for the Type.

Banknotes :Bank of Central African States - Cameroon (1993-2002)

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