50 centimes Type 1922


Pick: #4 , The Banknote Book: TDC B1 , Other: K774

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Cameroon. Territory of Cameroon (French occupation post WWI). 1922 Issues. Designed by L. Leclerc. Date: undated note. Dimensions: 115 x 75 mm. Watermark: no. Material: paper. No security thread. Printer: unknown. Front and back printing in red and orange. Description of the front: texts in French. Ornamental frame. Security fund with "Territory of Cameroon" repeated continuously. Numbering in black. Seal of the "Territory of Cameroon (T.C.)" in dark green. Value of 50 cents indicated in two decorated medallions. Signature of the Commissioner of the Republic: J. Lardy. Description of the back: “TC” monogram in the center. Palm branches on the sides. Ornamental composition. Value of 50 cents indicated in the lower angles.

Banknotes :Territory of Cameroon (1922)

pick#4 50 centimes type 1922
pick#5 1 franc type 1922
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