Dahomey 1 franc type 1917


Pick: #2 , The Banknote Book: B102 , Other: LK373

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General Government of French West Africa. Colony of Dahomey. 1917 Issue. Banknote issued by decree on February 11, 1917. Dimensions: 102 x 66 mm. Printer: Gorée - Imp. General Gouvt. Watermark: Varieties. Front and back: color printing predominantly orange, yellow and black. Description of the front: "GOUVERNEMENT GÉNÉRAL DE L'AFRIQUE OCCIDENTALE FRANCAISE (GOVERNMENT GENERAL OF FRENCH WEST AFRICA)". Frame with floral arrangement and decorations. The value "UN FRANC" in the center between the obverse and the reverse of a 1 franc coin. A combination of signatures: The Treasurer and Cashier, Paul Riboulet and The Lieutenant Governor, Gaston Fourn. Description of the back: Frame with the value "1f" in the center framed by an extract from the decree of February 11, 1917. Variant of the note known without numbering and perforated with cancellation holes at the location of the signatures.

Banknotes :General Government of French West Africa - Colony of Dahomey (1917)

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pick#2 1 franc type 1917
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