Eritrea 50 nafka Type 2011


Pick: #9 , The Banknote Book: B111

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Eritrea. Bank of Eritrea. 2011 Issues. 50 nakfa Type 2011. Date: May 24, 2011. Dimensions: 143 x 70 mm. Watermark: Camel head. Material: Paper. Holographic stripe at left. Windowed security thread printed Bank of Eritrea. Printer: Unknown. Front and back: polychrome printing predominantly black and green. Description of the front: Fighter erecting the EPLF flag at left. Triptych portrait of three children of Eritrea's nine nationalities at center. Value in the corners. Series and numbering in black and green. Camel and date in red below. Texts in Arabic, English and Tigrinya. Combination of signatures: President, Isaias Afewerki and Governor, Woldemariam Kibreab. Description of the back: Freighter ships at Massawa port of Eritrea. Bank logo. Texts in English. Red camel on the watermark. Value in the corners. Replacement notes with Prefix AZ.

Banknotes :Bank of Eritrea (2011)

pick#9 50 nafka type 2011
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