Faroe Islands 1,000 krónur type 1978


Pick: #23 , The Banknote Book: B211

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Faroe Islands. Government of the Faroe Islands (Føroyar). 1974-1994 Issues. 1,000 krónur type 1978. Date: 1978 to 1994. Dimensions: 176 x 94 mm. Watermark: Anchor chain. Material: Paper. Solid security thread. Printer: Danmarks Nationalbank Banknote Printing Works. Front and back printing predominantly brown and gray. Description of the front: Portrait of Janus (Jens Hendrik Oliver) Djurhuus on the right. Five combinations of signatures of the High Commissioner and the Prime Minister. Texts in Faroese. Prefix and numbering in red. Description of the back: Stylized drawing of Djurhuus' childhood home in Tórshavn. Replacement notes: 0J. Coded year dates in the left series number (the two middle digits).

P.23a. Signatures: L. Groth and A. P. Dam. (19) 78.
P.23b. Signatures: N. Bentsen and P. Ellefsen. (19) 83.
P.23c. Signatures: N. Bentsen and A. P. Dam. (19) 87.
P.23d. Signatures: B. Klinte and A. P. Dam. (19) 89.
P.23e. Signatures: B. Klinte and M. Petersen. (19) 94.

Banknotes :Faeroe Islands Government (1950-1994)

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