French Somaliland 100 francs type 1909


Pick: #3 , The Banknote Book: B103 , Other: KM605

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French Somaliland. Djibouti. Bank of Indo-China. 1905-1919 Issues. Work by A. Bramtot and G. Duval and engraving by Wullschleger. Note with decrees of January 21, 1875, February 20, 1888, May 16, 1900 and April 3, 1901. Put into circulation from August 1909. Date of issue printed: "DJIBOUTI, le ...". Dimensions: 207 x 118 mm. Watermark: Woman's head. Material: Paper. Printer: Banque of France. Monochrome printing in brown recto and verso except the texts printed in black and in French. Description of the front: frame made up of two columns on the sides, each illustrated by an elephant and his mahout or mahout. Above, hidden in the vegetation, two small dragons can be seen in the upper angles. The words "THE LAW PUNISHES THE INFRINGER" is printed on a ribbon at the top edge of the frame. Below, the decrees, the wording of the issuing institute in capital letters “BANQUE DE L'INDO-CHINE”, the place and date of issue. The value in letters "HUNDRED FRANCS" and the words "PAYABLE IN CASH TO THE BEARER" are repeated twice. Below, two printed signatures and a handwritten signature. A single type of signature with the branch cashier, an Administrator, Baron Hely d'Oissel and the Director, Stanislas Simon. At the bottom of the frame, two elongated young women frame a vase placed on a pedestal. On the left, a European accompanied by a cow symbolizes the French metropolis and on the right, an Indian accompanied by a tiger symbolizes India. Description of the back: monochrome printing in brown. Article 139 of the penal code is printed in French in squares positioned in the corners. On the sides, rectangles with the text "BANQUE DE L'INDO-CHINE" printed in repetition. The specimen is known to be perforated "CANCELLED" horizontally in the center, dated "May 1, 1909" and numbered "O.0 - 000". Rare: 50,000 issued notes. The note is also known to be overprinted "CANCELED" by a diagonal black wet pad on the issued note: T.2-242.

Banknotes :Bank of Indo-China (1905-1919)

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