French Somaliland 1,000 francs type 1943


Pick: #13D , The Banknote Book: B124 , Other: KM628

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French Somaliland. Djibouti. Bank of Indochina. 1943 Issues. Work by Lucien Jonas and engraving by G. Beltrand. Dimensions: 208 x 119 mm. No date (1938). Material: Paper. Printer: Bank of France. Watermark: Native's head in profile. Polychrome front and back printing predominantly brown, green, red and yellow. Description of the front: Overprint Crosses of Lorraine, head of antelope and "F.C." (France Combattante) on Pick # 10. Texts in French. Market scene. In the foreground on the right, a topless young woman sits next to a fruit and pottery stall. In the background, other vendors, and in the distance, a caravan of camels, the minaret and the village mosque. On the upper border, the value "1000" and the wording "BANQUE DE L'INDOCHINE" are printed in dark brown in yellow cartridges. Below, the value in letters is printed in red. Overprinted "DJIBOUTI" in black. The numbering and alphabet are printed in black and repeated at the top and bottom. A combination of signatures in black with "Le Président (The President)", Marcel Borduge and "Le Directeur Général (The Chief Officer)" Paul Baudouin. Description of the back: Top border identical to the front with the value "1000" and the wording "BANQUE DE L'INDOCHINE" printed in dark blue in yellow cartridges. The drawing is composed of a Polynesian landscape. In the foreground on the left, a young native in a floral dress carries a woven basket. On the right a young man holding a spear seems to be looking at her. At the bottom, article 139 of the penal code is printed in blue on four lines in a yellow cartridge. A copy to serve as a specimen is known on an issued and canceled note by two black “CANCELLED” stamps and small perforations in vertical lines. Handwritten cashier number "25". 7,982 issued notes. It is not certain that there is a single copy issued and not cancelled (Source:

Banknotes :Bank of Indo-China - Provisional Issue (1943)

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