French Somaliland 50 centimes type 1919


Pick: #23 , The Banknote Book: B203 , Other: KM640

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French Somaliland. Djibouti. Djibouti Chamber of Commerce. 1919 Issue. 50 centimes type 1919. No date. Dimensions: 112 x 78 mm. Watermark: None. Material: Paper. Printer: A. Desvages Imp. Monochrome front and back printing, predominantly blue-purple. Description of the front: Texts in French. Safety background printed in light blue. Ornamental frame with the wording "Djibouti Chamber of Commerce". Numbering printed in black. In the center, the words “Decree of November 30, 1919” and the value in letters “FIFTY CENTIMES”. Several combinations of handwritten signatures in black or purple with Le Trésorier and Le Président, H. La Fay. Description of the back: Ornamental frame with the wording "Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti" and the value "50 CES" in the center.

Banknotes :Djibouti Chamber of Commerce (1919)

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