Guyana 5 dollars Type 1963


Pick: #NL2

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Guyana. Bank of Guyana. Issue project (1963?). Date: no date on the note. Dimensions: unknown. Watermark: no. Material: card stock. No security thread. Printer: Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co LD, New Malden Surrey, England. Single-sided front and back printing in monochrome predominantly green. Description of the front: texts in English. Numbering in black. On the right, a Kaieteur Falls. In the center, a composition of rosettes and on the left the coat of arms of the Guyana. Combination of signatures with the Governor and the Minister of Finance (unsigned note). Value "$ 5" in a rosette. Description of the back: texts in English. Rosette in the center. Crane on the left and agricultural scene on the right. Not issued. Rare: front and back photo proofs mounted on card stock.

Banknotes :Bank of Guyana - Unissued notes (1963)

pick#NL1 1 dollar type 1963 non émis
pick#NL2 5 dollars type 1963 non émis
pick#NL3 10 dollars type 1963 non émis
pick#NL4 20 dollars type 1963 non émis
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