Iranian Azerbaijan 5 toman type 1946


Pick: #S104 , The Banknote Book: B104

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Iranian Azerbaijan. People's Government of Iranian Azerbaijan. 1946 Issues. Printed by the Communists during the revolt against Iran. 5 toman type 1946. Date: ١٣٢٤ (AH1324 / 1946). Dimensions: 135 x 95 mm. Watermark: Unknown. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Unknown. Multicolored front and back printing, predominantly green and pink. Description of the front: Simple frame. Background composed of arabesques and repeating patterns. Perforation value "5" in the center. Rosettes in the corners and in the center. Purple stamp on the left. Texts in Persian. Numbering in black at right. Value "٥" in the angles. A single combination of signatures with the Minister of Finance, Gholamreza Elhami (left) and the Treasurer, Reza Razouli (right). Description of the back: Legal texts in Persian: 1. The Azerbaijan National Government guarantees this bond. 2. In exchange for this bond, goods can be obtained in all stores in Azerbaijan. 3. Those who try to counterfeit the bonds will be brought to court and sentenced to death by the court. Note: a small black stamp with a sickle, a hammer and a star is sometimes visible on some banknotes! True or false overprint?

Banknotes :Iranian Azerbaijan People's Government (1946)

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