Macedonia 10,000 denars Type 1992


Pick: #8 , The Banknote Book: B108

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Macedonia. National Bank of Macedonia. 1992 Issues. Date: April 27, 1992. Dimensions: 145 x 75 mm. Watermark: Horizontal line pattern. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: 11 October at Prilep. Multicolored front and back printing with predominantly purple. Description of the front: Frame and background composed of guilloche patterns. Numbering in red. Texts in Macedonian. View of Saint Sofia Church in Ohrid. Signatures in purple of Deputy Governor Tome Nenovski and Governor Borko Stanoevski. Description of the back: Frame and background composed of guilloche patterns. Texts in Macedonian. On the left, a group of dancers and in the center, a view of the monument built in memory of the Ilinden uprising and located in Krouchevo in North Macedonia. Value "10,000" in the corners.

Banknotes :National Bank of Macedonia (1992)

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