Monaco 1 franc Type 1920


Pick: #5 , The Banknote Book: B105

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Monaco. Principality of Monaco. 1920 Second Emergency Issues. Date: March 20, 1920. Dimensions: 110 x 70 mm. Watermark: no. Material: paper. No security thread. Printer: Vve A. Chêne, Monaco. Front and back printing in two-color green and red. Description of the front: texts in French. Decorated frame. Shield with caduceus on the left, crown and coat of arms of the Principality of Monaco in the center and shield with an anchor on the right. In the center in a wreath of flowers, the value "1fr" in letters and numbers and signatures. Combination of signatures with the Minister of State, Raymond le Bourdon and the Chief Treasurer of Finances, Alexandre Noghès. Text concerning the terms of reimbursement of the note on December 31, 1922. Description of the back: texts in French. Shield with ribbon on the left near a tree. In the center, a view of the coast and the Palace of the Principality of Monaco. Below, a medallion with the crown and the value "1fr". Decorated frame and garland of flowers around. Numbering in black. 447,500 issued notes.

Banknotes :Principality of Monaco - Second Emergency Issues (1920)

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pick#5 1 franc type 1920
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