Montenegro 10 perpera type 1914


Pick: #18 , The Banknote Book: B116

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Montenegro. Ministry of Finance. Kingdom of Montenegro (Kraljevina Crnagora). 1914 Issues. 10 perpera type 1914. Date: July 25, 1914. Dimensions: 158 x 104 mm. Watermark: Unknown. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Bank of France. Multicolored front and back printing, predominantly blue and brown. Description of the front: Brown frame composed of stylized floral shapes. Two caduceus on the sides. Large coat of arms of Montenegro on the left. Numbering in black. Value in brown on the right. Signatures: Filip Jergović and R. Popović (Minister of Finance). Description of the back: Large coat of arms of Montenegro in the center. Ornamental frame. Background composed of repeating geometric patterns. Values in the corners.

Banknotes :Ministry of Finance. Kingdom of Montenegro. (1914)

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