Namibia 100 dollars


Pick: #3 , The Banknote Book: B203

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Namibia. Bank of Namibia. 1993 Issues. No date indicated on the note. Dimensions: 146 x 70 mm. Watermark: Hendrik Wittbooi. Material: paper. Solid security thread. Printer: Tumba Bruk A.B, Sweden. Multicolored front and back printing, predominantly red. Description of the front: gradient safety background made up of small geometric patterns. Portrait of Captain Hendrik Wittbooi (1825 or 1830-1905), leader of the Nama people who opposed the German colonial authorities in the early 20th century and today considered a true national hero by the Namibians. Windhoek Parliament building in the background. Prefix (T) and numbering in black. Texts in Afrikaans and English. Value "100" in the corners. Coat of arms of Namibia. Signature in black of the Governor: Erik Lennart Karlsson. Description of the back: texts in Afrikaans and English. Value "100" in the corners. Flag of Namibia. Five standing antelope (Oryx). Replacement notes: Prefix Z.

Banknotes :Bank of Namibia (1993)

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pick#3 100 dollars type 1993
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