Netherlands Antilles 10 gulden type 1962


Pick: #2 , The Banknote Book: B202

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Netherlands Antilles. Bank of the Netherlands Antilles. 1962 Issues. Date: January 2, 1962. Dimensions: 155 x 66 mm. Watermark: Monogram with the letters NA. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Johan Enschedé & Zonen (JEZ), Haarlem, Netherlands. Multicolored front and back printing, predominantly green. Description of the front: Frame made up of guilloche shapes. Texts in Dutch. In the center, a view of the Caribbean Hotel in Aruba. On the left, an oval medallion containing a representation of the Queen of the Netherlands from 1848 to 1980, HRH Juliana. The queen is represented there seated and in profile in the shade of a palm tree near a seaside. Her gaze directed towards the horizon, seems absorbed by a commercial ship en route to Europe or another corner of world. In her left hand, she holds a parchment and with the other, embraces the two flags of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles. A combination of signatures with Secretary (De Secretaris), J. van der Heul and Director (De Director), Pieter Theodorus Spencer Krafft. Description of the back: Texts in Dutch. Frame composed of guilloche shapes. Coat of arms of the Netherlands Antilles on the right. Large rosette containing the value on the left. Legal text prohibiting counterfeiting. Numbering in red.

Banknotes :Bank of the Netherlands Antilles (1962)

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