100 francs New Hebrides Type 1965


Pick: #16 , The Banknote Book: B401 , Other: #K901

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New Hebrides. Overseas Issuing Institute. 1965-1969 Issues. The note is overprinted on the back in the center in blue and horizontal with the word "NOUVELLES-HÉBRIDES". Work by Raymond Vaudiau. Dimensions: 140 x 75 mm. Watermark: RF monogram and head of woman (Marianne) wearing a Phrygian cap. The note is undated but was issued in 1969. Front and back polychrome printing, predominantly brown, yellow, red, blue and green. Texts in French. Description of the front: in the center at the top, the wording “OVERSEAS ISSUING INSTITUTE” is printed in black in an orange cartridge. Below, the full banknote number in black is printed in a purple cartouche. On the left, a circular medallion containing the watermark and a large Polynesian wooden totem or Tiki. In the center, an aerial view of Papeete-Moorea with the airport and ships in the port. In the distance, the summit of Mount Tohiea on the island of Moorea. On the right, an indigenous girl wearing a wreath in her hair, plays the guitar. A single combination of signatures printed in black with The Chief Officer André Postel-Vinay and The Chairman of the Board Bernard Clappier. Description of the back: background composed of rhombuses in relief. In the center at the top, the label "OVERSEAS ISSUING INSTITUTE" is printed in black in an orange cartridge. Below, the light blue overprint "NOUVELLES-HÉBRIDES". On the left, an indigenous girl is hidden among the flowers. In the center, an aerial view of the buildings of the port city of Noumea. On the right, the watermark and a wooden figurine. The value "100" is printed in black in the upper corners. Bottom left, article 139 of the penal code is printed on four lines in an orange cartridge. Printer: Bank of France. 240,180 issued notes. Aphabets 1 and 2 complete, except alphabet C.1 (from 1 to 20999). The specimen is known overprinted "SPECIMEN" diagonally with a specimen number and perforated "SPECIMEN" in vertical on the right and numbered "O.0 - 00000".

Banknotes :Overseas Issuing Institute (1965-1969)

pick#16 100 francs type 1965
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