Palestine 5 pounds Type 1927


Pick: #8 , The Banknote Book: B103

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Palestine. Palestine Currency Board. 1927-1945 Issues. 5 pounds Type 1927. Date: Varieties. Dimensions: 191 x 102 mm. Watermark: Olive sprig. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited (TDLR), London, England. Front: Polychrome printing predominantly orange-red and pale green. Description of the front: Border frame with guilloche patterns. View of the White Mosque in the city of Ramla also known as the "Tower of the Forty Martyrs". Series and numbering in red. Texts in Arabic, English and Hebrew. Signatures: Varieties (Members of the Palestine Currency Board). Description of the back: Background with rosettes and guilloche patterns. Texts in Arabic, English and Hebrew. Tower of David (Migdal David) citadel in Jerusalem. The photo note was sold $9,693,75 by Heritage Auctions in October 2015, Eric P. Newman Collection, Dallas #3539 (lot # 18020). Graded PCGS 53 About New. Demonetized 16.09.1948. Counterfeits notes are known for this Type: 672325 and R757634.

Banknotes :Palestine Currency Board (1927-1945)

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