Palestine 50 pounds Type 1934 Proof


Pick: #NL6 , Other: P287

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Palestine. Palestine Currency Board. 1927-1945 Issues. 50 pounds Type 1934 Essay Face Proof. Date: June 29, 1934 (ink date handwritten in low right margin). Dimensions: Unknown, large margins. Watermark: Olive sprig. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited (TDLR), London, England. Front: Polychrome printing predominantly purple and pale green. Description of the front: Border frame with rosettes and guilloche patterns. Orange-brown central guilloche. View of the Al-Jazzar Mosque at left (The White Mosque), built by Ahmad Pasha. Value at centre and at each corner. No series and no s/n. Texts in Arabic, English and Hebrew. No signatures. No back: Face Proof. The photo note was sold £26,000 in April 2018 by Spink, Auction # 18018, The Shlomo Tepper Collection of Palestine (lot # 73). Other reference: Dabbah P.287. PCGS holder 55 Choice About New. Unissued. Very rare.

Banknotes :Palestine Currency Board (1927-1945)

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