Romania 20 lei type 2 1896


Pick: #16 , The Banknote Book: B206

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Size:  160 x 96 mm.

Front: tendril pattern; laurels of oak leaves and olive branches; seated allegorical woman (Romania) with six cherubs holding torch, caduceus, olive branch, cornucopia, basket, and grains.

Back: Romanian text; eagle atop coat of arms and penal code; standing blacksmith with hammer and anvil; seated woman with rake and fruit basket; standing fisherman with harpoon and net; seated woman and child.

Watermark: Head of Mercury (left) and head of Trajan (right).

Banknotes :National Bank of Romania (1880-1930)

pick#13 20 lei type I (1881)
pick#16 20 lei type II (1896)
pick#20 20 lei type III (1909)
pick#14 100 lei type I (1881)
pick#21 100 lei type II (1910)
pick#25 100 lei type II (1917)
pick#22 500 lei type I (1916)
pick#28 500 lei type II (1924)
pick#15 1000 lei type I (1881)
pick#23 1000 lei type II (1910)
pick#34 1000 lei type II (1933)
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