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Slovenia. Bank of Slovenia (Banka Slovenije). 1989 Private Issues. 1 Lipa Type 1989 Unissued. Date: November 11, 1989. Dimensions: 160.5 x 80.5 mm. Watermark: None. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Lipa Holding, Ljubljana. Front and back: polychrome printing predominantly green. Description of the front: Plants at left, Dr. France Preseren at right. Numbering in black. Texts in Slovenian. Combination of signatures: Unknown. Description of the back: Fürstenstein (Knežji Kamen), Slovenian parliament (Ljubljana). Texts in Slovenian. 35,000 banknotes were issued in a single series of which more than 10,000 were distributed.

The Slovenian lipa is a private issues create in 1989 by a newly company, the Lipa Holding of Ljubljana. The project leader was Dr. Bogdan Oblak - Hammurabi. The company was preparing to issue notes worth 1/2 lipa, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lipa. Only one banknote was finally printed and put into circulation in Ljubljana on March 31, 1990. At that time, contracts were concluded with more than 80 companies, including the newspaper company Mladina, which pledged to accept these banknotes as a means of payment.

Banknotes :Bank of Slovenia (1989)

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