Slovenia 10,000 tolarjev Type 2000


Pick: #27 , The Banknote Book: BNP301

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Slovenia. Bank of Slovenia (Banka Slovenije) 2001 Commemorative Issues. 10th Anniversary of the Bank of Slovenia. 10,000 tolarjev Type 1994. Date: January 15, 2000. Dimensions: 156 x 78 mm. Watermark: Ivan Cankar. 1991-2001 overprint in gold on front. Material: Paper. Solid security thread printed Banca Slovenije. Printer: Thomas De La Rue (TDLR), London. Front and back: polychrome printing predominantly black, brown, purple and red. Description of the front: Portrait of writer Ivan Cankar at right. Holographic band at right edge. Quill pen in OVI and stage plan of the former Theater of Ljubljana. Texts in Slovenian. Description of the back: Numbering in red and black. Chrysanthemum blossom at left. Signatures: France Arhar/Marko Kranjec. Texts in Slovenian. Like Pick # 20, 24, 34 or TTB: # B312. 1,000 issued notes.

Banknotes :Bank of Slovenia - 10th Anniversary (2001)

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