Slovenia 2,000 tolarjev Type 1991 Unissued


Pick: #9A , The Banknote Book: BNP201

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Slovenia. Republic of Slovenia (Republika Slovenija) 1992 Numismatic Products. 2,000 tolarjev Type 1992 Unissued. Date: 1992. Dimensions: 150 x 73 mm. Watermark: Duke stone pattern. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Cetis Celje. Front and back: polychrome printing predominantly orange. Description of the front: Mountain ridge of Triglav at left center. Numbering vertically and horizontaly in red. Texts in Slovenian. Description of the back: Signature: Finance secretary, Kranjec. Duke stone at left. Pedimented beehive at lower left, denomination numeral in guilloche over a representation of the dance of the Carniolan honey bee on an underprint of honeycomb at center right. Texts in Slovenian. This note was not released into circulation, but sold along with the 0,50 tolar to collectors about twelve years later (2002).

Banknotes :Republic of Slovenia (1990-1992)

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pick#9A 2000 tolarjev type 1991 Non émis
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