Slovenia 500 lir Type 1944


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Slovenia. Savings Bank of the Ljubljana Province (Czechoslovak Republic). 1944 Issues during German occupation. Text in Slovene on front (Hranilnica Ljubljanske Pokrajine), text in German on back (Sparkasse der Provinz Laibach). 500 lir Type 1944. Date: September 14, 1944. Dimensions: 145 x 90 mm. Watermark: None. Material: Paper. No security thread. Printer: Ljudska tiskarna, Ljubljana. Front and back: polychrome printing predominantly blue on green and gray. Description of the front: Man in national costume at left. Coat of arms with an eagle. Numbering in black. Texts in Slovenian. Combination of signatures: Češ/Božič. Description of the back: Man in national costume at right. Coat of arms with an eagle. 80,000 issued notes. Series A. Intro: 16.12.1944.

Banknotes :Savings Bank of the Ljubljana Province (1944)

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