Algeria banknotes

Algeria is a country in northern Africa located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its rich history is marked by the influence of many civilizations that have left their mark. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Islamization of the country begins and several emirate dynasties succeed one another in time. In the 16th century, the Portuguese and the Spanish besieged and occupied the coastal towns. They were driven off by the Turks in 1515. During the next three centuries, the capital Algiers, the main port of the country, suffered the repeated assaults of pirate fleets ...

The period known as "French Algeria" began in 1830 with a long and violent colonization. In 1839, the country definitely takes the name of Algeria. In 1902, France extended its influence over part of the Sahara and completed the division of the country into French departments of Algeria (Oran, Algiers, Constantine and the territories to the South).

It was during this French occupation that the first bank notes for Algeria appeared from 1851. From 1862 to 1875, the Bank of Algeria issued a series of "blue" notes, technically identical to those circulating in France at the same time. It was not until 1912 to see the first banknotes in two or three colors. It is from 1920 that all the banknotes are definitively printed in polychrome. During the Second World War, the colonial authorities chose the collaboration and Algeria then falls under the control of the Vichy government. In 1942, during Operation Torch, Allied troops liberated the country that was under American administration. After the war, the national liberation movement is gaining momentum. Algerians want rights similar to the French and revolt in November 1954. This bloody insurrection ends July 5, 1962 with the independence of Algeria and triggers the forced exodus of the Blackfoot to the metropolis. The Central Bank of Algeria was created in 1964 and since that date all the notes issued are denominated and printed in Algerian dinars.

This history of Algerian paper money is illustrated by the following five major periods:

  • Banque de l'Algérie (French Administration) (1871-1942)
  • Allied Administration (1942-1945)
  • French Administration (1944-1962)
  • Algeria (1964-2020)

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