Bank of Algeria (1940-1942)  (1940-1942)

During the Second World War, Algeria falls under the control of the Vichy government. In June 1940, the colonial authorities deliberately chose the collaboration, only the Algerian people, as a whole, is rather opposed to the Vichy regime. During this period of governance, the Bank of Algeria issues a first note of 1,000 francs Family Farmers Type 1940 (Pick: # 86 and # 89). Faithful to the spirit of the Petainist values, this banknote exalts the Family and the Work in a bucolic representation of the Algerian agricultural campaign. The issuance of a second note of 5,000 francs Type 1942 (Pick: # 90) extends these nationalist values by highlighting the symbols of protective France and Algerian traditions. This 5000 franc note will be overprinted "Trésor" (Pick: # 113) to be used in 1943 during the liberation of Corsica.

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