Bank of Algeria (1942-1945)  (1942-1945)

Since 1940, the Americans plan a landing in North Africa to open a second front in the West and thus relieve the Russian armies. The second and more secret objective is to take military power in colonized French regions. Operation Torch was organized in 1942 and allowed Allied troops to land in Algeria. The country is immediately placed under American administration, which however maintains the specificities of operation of the Vichy regime. The Americans land with so-called "Silver Certificates" which only have military use but help to rearm the African army. Emissions of the Bank of Algeria is continuing in parallel until 1945 with:

  • 5 francs Type 1942.
  • 5 francs Type 1944.
  • 20 francs Type 1943.
  • 20 francs Type 1943 essai. Not issued.
  • 500 francs Vert Type 1943. Overprinted "Trésor" and used locally during the landing in Corsica in 1943.
  • 500 francs Violet Type 1944. Identical to the previous, except the colors.
  • 1000 francs Arnaud Type 1945. Kept in Reserve?

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