French Equatorial Africa banknotes

The banknotes presented in the catalog relate to the period from 1917 to 1957. At the start of the war, the French governance regime no longer rests on anything, except on colonial legitimacy. There was a desire to create a state which is legally called Free French Africa and which includes Cameroon and French Equatorial Africa (FEA). " In August 1940, General Edgard de Larminat was appointed high commissioner and was responsible for organizing the rallying of the Middle Congo to Free France. But his powers overlap with those of Governor General Félix Éboué (1884-1944). On August 26, he declared Chad's allegiance to General de Gaulle: "Africa enters the history of resistance through the front door" and as the ethnologist Jacques Soustelle maintained: "Free France was first African”. The FEA is declared independent of France from Vichy and Brazzaville becomes the center of operations for Free France ...

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