Swiss National Bank, ninth issue  (2015-20xx)

In 2005, the Swiss National Bank organized a competition to design a new series of banknotes. A dozen graphic designers are invited to compete to develop a series of 6 new banknotes with the main theme "Switzerland open to the world". The competition is won by Manuel Krebs, graphic designer Zurich, but his drawings include representations of blood cells and embryos that offend the sensitivity of the general public. As a result, the National Bank's General Management decides that the ninth series of Swiss franc banknotes will be based on the model drawings made by Manuela Pfrunder, the second in the competition. This series, initially planned for 2010, is postponed to 2015 because of technical problems encountered in production. The show really starts in April 2016 with the note of 50 francs Type 2015. The show then continues step by step with the 20 francs Type 2015 in May 2017, then the 10 francs Type 2016, in October of the same year. The 200 francs Type 2016 is put into circulation in August 2018, and that of 1000 francs Type 2017, on 13 March 2019. Finally, to complete the new series, the 100 francs Type 2017 is put into circulation on 12 September 2019. "The new notes are legal tender". (Source: SNB website).

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