The old francs printed in black (1800-1861)  (1800-1861)

The first notes issued, a 500 francs (Pick: #1) and a 1000 francs (Pick: #2) are single and denominated in the name of the Caisse des Comptes Courants. It is necessary to wait for the emission of two single notes of 500 and 1000 francs Type "Ancien" (Pick: #5 and #10) to see appearing the inscription "Bank of France" on the front. From 1805, two banknotes called "de Germinal" are put into circulation: a 500 francs (Pick: #15) and a 1000 francs (Pick: #16). These include for the first time a back printed identically inverted. A single note of 1000 francs Type 1814 Provisoire (Pick: #21) is then put into circulation ... All the bills listed above are so exceptional by their rarity and their history, that the first banknote we have the chance to be able to present you is a counterfeit of the 1000 francs Type 1817 Définitif (Pick: #26). It is also the first of the banknotes designed by Charles Normand, whose artistic imprint will mark the design of the notes of the nineteenth century until 1848! From 1931, the Bank of France generalizes the technique of printing of the backside reproduced with the identical inverted with the 500 and the 1000 francs Type 1831 (Pick: #36 and #37), then for the regional counters with the 250 and the 1000 francs Countertops Type 1836 (Pick: #35 and #38). In 1842, the bank wanted to breathe new life into these notes. For this, it offers the services of Jacques-Jean Barre, a renowned engraver, who draws and engraves two banknote: a 500 francs Type 1842 Barre (Pick: # 40) and a 1000 francs Type 1842 Définitif (Pick: #41A). The result is of a very high artistic quality and the fineness of the drawings obtained are an obstacle to counterfeit attempts. In 1846, the Bank of France issued a 5000 francs Type 1846 (Pick: # 42) which has the distinction of being the only one ticket printed in ... red. But the decline in face values ​​accelerated with the release of a first "oval" version of a 200 francs Type 1847 Galle (Pick: #46a), followed by a second "rectangular" version. The first Type was declined in 1848 for the 26 provincial branches with the 200 francs Type 1848 Succursales (Pick: #46b). Then came the revolution of 1848 and a first forced price that forced the Banque de France to create a 100 francs Type 1848 Provisoire (Pick: #44) printed in black on a green paper from the Didot press and with a very fine numbering special. After six months of issuance, it is replaced by the 100 francs Type 1848 Définitif (Pick: #45) made from a reduction and graphic modifications of the vignette of the 500 francs Type 1829. The period of the black notes ends with the issuance of a 1000 francs Type 1842 Transposé (Pick: # 41B) and a 1000 francs Succursales Type 1848 Modifié (Pick: #41D).

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