French banknotes issued between 1958 and 2000

With the reform of the franc initiated in December 1958, a new era is opening. For a short time, the notes are overprinted with "new francs", in order to make the transition with the "old francs". Then the new monetary unit becomes definitively the franc in 1963. This period marks a great transformation in the fiduciary creation and contrasts with the dominant artistic currents. The banknote becomes the symbol and cultural vector of national identity. Thus, the Banque de France decided to abandon allegorical figures in favor of drawing portraits of famous French characters easily identifiable: Hugo, Richelieu, Henry IV, Bonaparte, Moliere, Pasteur, Racine, Voltaire, etc. For increasing security imperatives, the portraits are printed identically on the front and back and this technique continues until the late 1990s. The Banque de France also takes the opportunity to reduce and homogenize the format of the notes, while generalizing the impression in intaglio, then later in offset ...

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