The last notes of the Bank of France (1992-2000)  (1992-2000)

The Banque de France began to consider a new range of banknotes in the late 1980s. The previous series is aging and it is subject to counterfeits that are constantly increasing. Banks are also demanding notes that are smaller, more resilient and more secure. The monetary institute therefore decides to definitively free itself from the previous series by proposing a new contemporary range centered on modernity. A survey is organized for the first time among the general public and the themes that emerge revolve around four major activities illustrating the prestige of France: aviation, arts, sciences and cinema. This will be: a 50 francs Type 1992 Saint-Exupéry (Pick #157) to illustrate aviation, a 100 francs Cezanne Type 1997 (Pick #158) to illustrate the arts, a 200 francs Type 1995 Gustave Eiffel (Pick #159) and a 500 francs Type 1993 Pierre et Marie Curie (Pick #160) to illustrate the sciences. Only the theme of cinema is abandoned. The development of this innovative and functional range (banknotes all have the same height) is entrusted to the Swiss artist Roger Pfund. It uses for the first time computer-aided design (CAD) techniques. The result is a technological achievement that consists of multiple, complex artistic motifs and perfectly integrated and innovative security features. This series, although the last, thus opens a new era in the realization of banknotes and already previews the notes of the future European currency. February 16, 2012 marks the date of end of validity of these banknotes, these becoming thus and definitively the objects of your collections!

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